Glacier Bay National Park: Day 3 Tide Pools

Our last day at Glacier Bay was pretty relaxing. We slept in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Our goal today was to check out tide pools during low tide. The schedule for high and low tides is available at the ranger station. For our final morning at the park, the low tide would be in the afternoon, after the shuttle would be leaving for the ferry dock. We visited the beach before the tide was at it lowest. We still had a great time looking at the tide pools. We saw several sea stars in the pools. It was definitely very cool. The day was clear and as we looked across Bartlett Cove, we could see Mount Fairweather.  As the shuttle drove to the ferry dock, we saw a bear in the forest. The shuttle drive pulled over for a minute so we could all watch the animal. Unlike the ferry ride up to Glacier Bay, it was sunny and a bit warm on the ride back to Juneau. We spent almost the entire ride on the deck. We spotted some whales and porpoises as well as more sea otters. I think they might be my new favorite animals. Back at Juneau, we had reservations at the Hangar On the Warf. We also took the opportunity to buy some smoked salmon for friends back home. Our trip to Alaska was probably one of my favorites. We met some wonderful people. The pace was slower than parks we’ve visited in the lower 48. It’s a real special place and I definitely want to come back. In addition to the parks I wrote about in these posts, we also visited Glacier Gardens, SEAlaska Heritage Institute, and DIPAC Salmon Hatchery in Juneau. We enjoyed all of these excursions.

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