Glacier National Park: Day 4

We spent the final day at Glacier just taking it easy. I woke up first, so I took the opportunity to do laundry while my hubby made breakfast by the campfire. After breakfast, we packed up the campsite. We enjoyed some time by the lake and decided that since we wouldn’t get to the hotel in Bozeman until very late, we’d go ahead have the kids shower. Middle of the day is a good time to shower since no one really showers then, but they do close the shower to clean it for a bit so make sure you check the time. After we were packed and showered, we headed over to the Many Glacier hotel for a big lunch at the hotel restaurant. I love the views from the dining room and the architecture of the dining hall. Soon it was time for our Red Bus tour. These buses are iconic to the park. While these cars are also at Yellowstone (they are yellow there). They are definitely more common in Glacier. We picked a short 4 hour tour. Here are the pros and cons of the tour: Pros are that you can enjoy the beautiful views of the park without trying to look out while driving yourself, it’s narrated: our tour guide is also a climber, so not only did he give a narration but also his personal experience of the park. Cons: There are a number of tours, but I didn’t see one that went along the entire length of Going to the Sun Road, the all day ones might be too long for little kids, and they can be a little pricey. That being said, we wanted to try it and the kids really enjoyed it, and I’m glad that we did it. The tour guide pointed out scenic overlooks that we had missed, entertained us with history of the park that we hadn’t heard before. He even took us on a short walk/hike to his favorite overlook. After we got back to Many Glacier, we ate a light meal and then headed out of the park. We had a long drive ahead of us as we were spending the night at Billings. We ended arriving at the hotel at Billings around 2 a.m. I personally wouldn’t recommend driving the state roads at night. They’re not very well lit and it was the only time we drove at night.

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