Golden Gate Bridge

We ended our summer break this year with a trip to California. Our family flew into San Francisco, and we had a half a day in the city before driving over to our  final destination with just enough time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which we enjoyed, despite the fog. My photo of the bridge on a foggy morning. I haven’t posted about parks or hikes in a bit because I haven’t been on any trips since summer. There was a backpacking trip to Big Thicket that I was looking forward to, but that trip was just cancelled. I’m disappointed and thought about my last trip, which was California in August. California’s fires have been on the news, and I finally decided to write a post about our trip. This was our second visit to Golden Gate Bridge.  Last time we went was about 11 years ago. The city has changed a lot since we last went. On our previous trip, it was easy to visit Muir Woods. Tip: if you would like to visit the famous Redwoods during peak season, make a reservation online for the shuttle to Muir Woods. During our visit to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, we had  chance to visit a visitor center, which wasn’t there on our first visit. The visitor center has a lot of interesting information about the bridge, restrooms and gift shop. Access to the bridge and walking across the pedestrian path is free. If you have young children, note that currently there isn’t a junior ranger program at the Golden Gate Recreational Program. There was a lot of fog the day we visited, so we didn’t get to see much of a view, but it was still fun walking on the bridge, feeling it sway, and watching people. I’d like to bring the kids back for a longer trip. In the meantime, I need to find time to make it up to Big Thicket for a hiking trip.

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