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About Between 2 Pines

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” - John Muir


At Between 2 Pines Magazine, you'll find articles to help you and your family enjoy the outdoors regardless of how much experience you have camping or hiking. Our park guides are updated to give thoughtful information to help you plan your family camping vacations. Our articles will help you plan your trip, as well as give you the latest news on national parks. We also include features on outdoor professionals. We want to reflect and echo a diversity voices in the outdoors.

Between 2 Pines Magazine strives to teach people about camping, outdoor activities, and how to enjoy them in a responsible manner. We want families, regardless of previous experience or exposure, to go out and enjoy nature. We believe that outdoor experiences are good for the mind and the body, bring families closer together, give them a connection to the land and a sense of belonging. Our articles also promote Leave No Trace, so that our natural world remains pristine for others to enjoy.

Nushin Huq, Founder and Editor-in-Chief


Nushin Huq, Founder of Between 2 Pines Magazine

Between 2 Pines founder, Nushin Huq, grew up spending time in the outdoors, but went on her first overnight camping trip after she had kids. The family’s first tent camping trip was an organized event at a city park. Once they survived that trip, Nushin knew the sky was the limit. 


Fast forward several years and Nushin spends her free time organizing outdoor trips and spending school vacations on road trips with her family, camping at state and national parks throughout the country. It has become her family's favorite vacation activity. Over the years, she’s met countless families that want to go camping or partake in other outdoor activities but are overwhelmed by planning their first outdoor trip. She also found that most outdoor literature is aimed at people that already have a certain level of expertise with the outdoors. 

Nushin has a background in journalism and worked several years covering energy and the environment. She wants to use her years of reporting experience to teach others about basics of camping and the outdoors as well as provide a platform to bring a diversity of voices and perspectives to outdoor literature.

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