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There's nothing like enjoying a s'more by the campfire- photo by shutter stock.

By Nushin Huq

8/13/20, 1:16 AM

The first published recipe for this campfire treat was published in the Girl Scout guide book in 1927. While the recipe is simple, there's a certain technique that needs to be mastered to perfectly roast marshmallows.


large marshmallows
graham crackers- one large rectangle per s'more
chocolate bar- type that can be broken into smaller squares

other cookies
marshmallow candy

Other equipment
metal skewer or long wooden stick


1. Break graham cracker into two equal pieces.
2. Place a piece of chocolate square on top of one of the halves of graham cracker. Chocolate should be roughly same size as graham cracker.
3. Place the graham cracker/chocolate combo close enough to campfire where warm of fire wafts towards it, allowing chocolate to melt slowly. Don't put too close.
4. Pierce skewer or wooden stick through marshmallow.
5. Hold marshmallow over flames or hot coals. The trick is to hold marshmallow over heat but not directly into flames. The perfectly roasted marshmallow should swell into a yummy goodness, not char like an old ashtray.
6. Place roasted marshmallow on top on chocolate.
7. Place the other half of graham cracker on top of the marshmallow to hold the s'more into place and pull out skewer.

Time to enjoy. But for more fun you can also...

*Roll the s'mores in nuts or sprinkles on the side to fancy it up.
*instead of a regular marshmallow, use a marshmallow candy (like Peeps).
*instead of graham crackers, use other cookies. For example, you can pay homage to s'more inventors and use Girl Scout cookies.
*for vegans or vegetarians, there are vegan marshmallows on the market (such as at Trader Joes).

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